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Kåkenhus gets new lease of life

Kåkenhus in NorrköpingWork on transforming Kåkenhus on Campus Norrköping into a more cohesive, vibrant building with a more distinct and welcoming entrance from Skvallertorget is now in progress.

Kåkenhus, which is Campus Norrköping’s main building, contains large open spaces that are perceived by some as being empty and desolate. The university’s ambition is to make Kåkenhus more vibrant by restructuring these large spaces and optimising their utilisation.

This is being done by creating space for different kinds of reading areas with power sockets for laptops and good lighting, among other things. Student kitchens where students can heat up their own food are also being planned.

“Our objective is to improve Kåkenhus, particularly for the students and also for the employees,” says Assistant University Architect Agneta Hägg-Knape (pictured below). Students are requesting more reading areas for group studies and quiet areas where they can work undisturbed, like a public library. This is why we are creating more purpose-designed reading areas to accommodate different needs. Kåkenhus is something of a test project. “

“We will also furnish some of the lovely outdoor areas that overlook the river, so that they will find better use during the warmer time of the year,” adds Agneta Hägg-Knape.

Agneta Hägg-KnapeAnother key part of the process is to give the anonymous-looking entrance at Skvallertorget a more distinctive profile, with the addition of a café and reading areas. This will help to create a natural flow into the building.

A second entrance is also being created in the part of the building facing the campus bridge which links up Kåkenhus with Kopparhammaren on the other side of the river.

New administrative functions will be moving in to Kåkenhus: student services including the Career Centre, the University Coordinator for People with Disabilities, the International Office, the Central Study Guidance Office, the Student Health Care Centre and the Student Service Desk will all be housed on the 3rd floor. We will also be designing an open-plan office solution for the Department of Science and Technology (ITN), and the external research institute, Acreo. Both are successful, expanding organisations that will serve as inspiration for students and employees in the building.

The rebuilding of Kåkenhus is part of the Campus LiU 2015 project. The work begins on 25 March and is expected to be complete on 31 October. The university and Akademiska Hus will be keeping everyone updated about current rebuilding work and any disturbances in the building during the construction period.


See drawings of the transformation of Kåkenhus (pdf)

Elisabet Wahrby 2013-03-19

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