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New study stations opened

Rektor Helen Dannetun inviger

Please take a seat! With these words, Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun opened the almost 150 new study places in a-building.

Linköping University wants to challenge its students with tough education programmes. But the university also wants to provide them with good environments for study. For this reason Satisfied Student Index (SSI) is an important tool for determining what the students are thinking and what they would like. And after microwave ovens, good study places are what they want most.

LiU has listened, and over a period of a few weeks the new study stations have been set up around the open space by the ACAS lecture theatre in a-building. And these do not just consist of a desk and a chair but also electrical outlets for computers and other electronic equipment.

Kristobal Ubilla

Cristobal Ubilla is responsible for student welfare issues at StuFF - the student union at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and Central Work Environment Ombudsman. He is also one of those who have been pushing for the new study stations.

“Overall there is a need for study stations. They don’t have to be anything special, just a good desk and chair. And an electrical outlet! Now I have begun looking at c-building and where it would be possible to create good study environments there.”

Nya studieplatser i A-huset

Elisabet Wahrby 2013-02-27

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