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New rental agreement for Kopparhammaren

Skiss över Campus Norrköping

At its latest meeting, the University Board decided to sign a rental agreement for Kopparhammaren 2 in Norrköping. This means that construction can begin in the fall of 2013.

The block at Kopparhammaren 2 in Norrköping consists of three buildings, one of which burned down in September 2010. The University Board has decided to sign a rental agreement with the property owner, Klövern AB, for the three buildings. The agreement means that LiU, after renovation and reconstruction, will have access to premises covering 5,000 square meters. One of the houses is not covered in this first stage of the planning. However,  the university will rent the building at a discounted price for any future need.

The agreement also means that LIU has the opportunity to leave the premises in Gropen and in parts of Spetsen, thus obtaining a more integrated campus area around the new campus bridge. “We estimate that construction can begin in the fall of 2013 and the premises will be ready in 2014,” says University Architect Karolina Ganhammar. It’s not clear yet which faculties will move into Kopparhammaren 2, pending the conclusion of the investigation charged with reviewing future instruction and research offerings and their location in relation to the university’s separate campuses.

At the Board meeting it was also decided to sign a planning agreement for new rental at Vrinnevi hospital in Norrköping for the continued development of medical training. Apart from a smaller clinic, the planning at Vrinnevi hospital also relates to certain classrooms and student areas, as well as workspaces for newly employed teachers. The total area is estimated at around 500 square meters. The agreement relates to work up to architectural plans and calculations.


See a larger map of Campus Norrköping and Kopparhammaren 2 (pdf)

Elisabet Wahrby 2013-02-21

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