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Workshops a channel for students’ views

Studenter i biblioteket på Campus Valla. Foto: LiUThe focus of Campus LiU 2015 will be on the students’ study environment, a renewed perspective on teaching and a good student services. Seven workshops were held in the late autumn to give students the opportunity to air their views.

Some 70 students took part. Three sub-projects were discussed.
The first concerned the library and addressed questions about how students wish to use it, and its design and layout.
“Many of the views put forward concerned study areas. Students are demanding a greater number of quiet study areas. Some prefer to study in groups, while others like to sit alone, and these rooms should be furnished accordingly. Power outlets and wireless networks are a must,” says project manager Matilda Henebäck.
How students use the library in other respects depends on what they’re studying.
“The librarians are important for many students, as are the books, of course. Some also want to see a café in the building,” says Matilda Henebäck.

The second sub-project is about innovative learning environments. It concerns learning environments that support the teaching methods adopted by the university, e.g. lecture theatres, study areas, case rooms and outdoor environments used for teaching purposes.
Study areas and their layout were also key issue in this sub-project.
“The layout of teaching rooms have been the subject of discussion. Many students consider a comfortable noise level, plenty of light and the existence of basic technical apparatus such as projectors to be important.

The third sub-project is called Life on Campus and embraces everything in terms of service and support, various forms of guidance, range of services and information for students.
“But focus is on the service that LiU provides. Discussions were mainly about making the day-to-day life on campus as enjoyable as possible – including where students like to socialise, heat their lunch boxes or have a coffee, how you find the right room, book a group room or visit their study guidance counsellor. One issue that all students agree on is the benefit of having all the university’s service functions under one roof,” says Matilda Henebäck.
Feedback from the students is now being compiled and will be factored in to the mission statement that will form the groundwork for the continuation of the Campus LiU 2015 project.

“Our workshops have been very fruitful. Students have been very involved and have provided a lot of valuable feedback. Those who have taken part now have the chance to be panellists who we will turn to in future to obtain more views. They will be our sounding board for the proposals that we draw up.”
One of the students who was involved in the workshop is Lina Gunnarsson, who is currently reading Business Administration, but who will be embarking on an engineering degree.

“As I will be here at least another 5½ years, I want my study environment to be as comfortable as possible. These are important issues and it is important that everything is planned as carefully as possible. We are pleased that our opinions are taken into account,” says Lina Gunnarsson.
She would like to see the administrative services brought together under one roof to make the work more functional for students and personnel alike. Study areas in well-lit environments and more places to sit are on her wish list.
“A slightly more open-plan, lighter campus area. Not just buildings,” she adds.


Eva Bergstedt 2012-12-17

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