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Campus Norrköping

Kåkenhus i NorrköpingIn Norrköping, the university’s activities are spread across several buildings and take up a sizeable part of the Industrial Landscape. The objective is to create a more cohesive campus area on both sides of the river near the new campus bridge.

To create a more condensed campus area along the banks of the river, the university will initially be vacating premises in certain buildings and instead move some of the operations to Kopparhammaren 2, where student environments and workplaces will be housed. This will take place in 2014.
In the Kåkenhus building, there are several public areas that have been perceived as being empty and desolate. The university intends to make Kåkenhus more vibrant by condensing and improving the public areas by creating reading areas and informal meeting places. The entrance at Skvallertorget will also be made more vibrant with the addition of a café and reading areas.
Rebuilding work to some of the public areas in Kåkenhus will begin in the spring of 2013.

Elisabet Wahrby 2012-11-20

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