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Campus Valla

Campus VallaThe background for the proposed changes on Campus Valla is the long-overdue modernisation of the bookable tuition facilities – most of which are in the C Building – to create a better study environment for the students and to bring the administrative and student service personnel under one roof.

Initially, we will be using the rooms in Building C while we test new solutions such as a new furnishings, a soft carpet for the floor and new technology for the rooms. There are also proposals for two new buildings: a tuition centre including laboratory and tuition rooms to be built between Buildings A and B and a new building in the adjacent to Zenit, where the administrative and student service departments can be brought together under one roof. The university also intends to make the entrance to the university more pronounced and prominent.

There is also a proposal to rebuild and extend Origo. This includes glassing-in the two wings. The idea is to merge the two current libraries into one main university library.
As part of the development of Campus Valla, the outdoor environment will also be improved, with more meeting places being added. Plans include the building of three outdoor squares: one to integrate the new Vallastaden district with the university, an entrance square linking Zenit with Building D, and one which makes the existing square at Blå havet near Kårallen more prominent.

Elisabet Wahrby 2012-11-20

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