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Presentation of Campus LiU 2015

Testsal i C-husetProject Campus LiU 2015 is a programme of facility initiatives aimed at creating propose-designed learning environments and workplaces to help LiU become more competitive. As part of the project, measures will be implemented on the three campus areas in Linköping and Norrköping.
A vital part of the project is to improve the students’ study environments in accordance with the Pedagogiska språnget (Educational leap forward), a project initiated by Vice-Chancellor Helen Dannetun. The aim of the initiative is to enhance the quality of study programmes both through educational new-thinking and improved study environments. One key focus area is to make the university more attractive to future students; another is the creation of a good, modern work environment for the university’s employees.
Campus LiU 2015 is made up of four sub-projects. Work on these sub-projects began in autumn 2012. They are:

  • Pedagogical, innovative learning environments. The focus of this project is the layout of the tuition rooms. This includes the size of lecture theatres, the layout of study/reading areas and the technical aids that the rooms need to be equipped with (wireless networks, power sockets, projectors, etc.). The senior project manager is Deputy Vice-Chancellor Karin Fälth-Magnusson. Marina Geijer from the Facilities Management department is project-managing the day-to-day work.
  • Creative, supportive work environments. This project focuses on establishing work environment guidelines that will pave the way for future cooperation and communication across professional boundaries. The senior project manager is University Director Kent Waltersson. Agneta Hägg-Knape from the Facilities Management department is project-managing the day-to-day work.
  • Life on campus. The focus of this project is the on-campus services that students need outside their academic work. The senior project manager is deputy University Director Mats Arwidson. Sophie Weinhardt from the Student Information and Counselling department is project-managing the day-to-day work.
  • University library. This sub-projects deals with a new library at Campus Valla and also the development of the university library. The senior project manager is Library Director Margaretha Grahn. Matilda Henebäck from the Facilities Management department is project-managing the day-to-day work.

The results of these four sub-projects will be presented to the project steering group early in the new year, so that the university board can green-light the project planning of the construction and rebuilding work in the spring.

If you wish to know more about the project or have comments, please contact the appropriate project manager. It is important that the project managers know what the students and employees think and require. It is also an opportunity for you to have your say.

Pedagogical, innovative learning environments:
Marina Geijer marina.geijer@liu.se Tel: +46 13 28 10 45
Creative, supportive work environments:
Agneta Hägg-Knape agneta.hagg-knape@liu.se Tel: +46 13 28 27 27
Life on campus:
Sophie Weinhardt sophie.weinhardt@liu.se Tel: +46 13 28 58 65
University library:
Matilda Henebäck matilda.heneback@liu.se Tel: +46 13 28 17 51
Each sub-project has its own working group. For the composition of the groups, click here


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