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Student News

Åsa Lindhagen, portrait.

From LiU student to minister

Åsa Lindhagen took a master’s degree in engineering at Linköping University. Now, 10 years later, she has been appointed minister for gender equality. The advice she gives to today’s students: “Sit down occasionally and reflect. Think about how you can contribute to society.”


Adolescents’ everyday problems not always mental ill-health

Alarming reports about increasing mental ill-health among adolescents may be seriously exaggerated. This is the conclusion of LiU researchers after studying replies from young people in a Swedish investigation.

Björn Runow, portrait.

Helping others to master maths

It started when he helped his classmates, and continued with temporary employment as maths teacher and his own homework tutoring company. Now LiU student Björn Runow has his own YouTube channel where he uses short videos to explain the mysteries of mathematics.

Person sitting by computer.

Stuck with your work?

Do you often get stuck with your work? Are you a true procrastinator? Welcome to the Student Health’s workshop.

Wonder Woman and Batman.


Twice before it has been a public success. Now it’s time for another, signed by the Linköping University Symphony Orchestra. The theme: music from the world of cinema and gaming. In Linköping on 3 March, we will be saved from evil by heroes and heroines.

Inside LiU News

Logo Microsoft Teams.

Explore Teams

Skype for Business will be replaced by Teams in May. Exact dates will be published soon. Meetings in Skype for Business that have been created by you or someone else at LiU will work until 2 September. Skype online meetings booked on dates after that will have to be replaced with a Teams online meeting. Explore the functions in Teams now.

Bild: Student building facade

Sneak preview of the new Student Building

The Student Building will open at the beginning of August. Come and follow us on a sneak preview of the new meeting point on Campus Valla, where Café Baljan, the Infocentre, and much more will be located.

Illustration of a locked computer.

Screen lock after 15 minutes

Automatic screen lock was introduced on LiU computers in February. The time it takes until the unit is locked has now been updated to 15 minutes for both desktops and laptops.

Front page of Annual report

Students counted by a new method

The LiU annual report will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Research on 22 February. It states that the university has 32,000 students. This does not mean that the number of students has increased dramatically, but is a consequence of a new method of counting.

Illustration of a locked computer, with padlock.

Automatic screen lock to be introduced

When a screen lock is in force, you must specify your password or code to log in again when the unit has been standing idle. Using a screen lock is an effective way to maintain high digital security at the university.



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