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Special Sessions

Abstract submission

Abstracts of contributions to a special session should be submitted to the organizers of the special session
not later than 7 April 2017.

Topic Organizers/contact persons Afternoons

1. Mathematical Biology

Theresa Stocks, theresa.stocks@math.su.se
Julia Kroos, jkroos@bcamath.org

Wed. and Thu.

2. Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Alberto Fernandez Boix, albertof.boix@gmail.com
Julio José Moyano Fernandez, moyano@uji.es

Tue., Wed. and Thu.
3. Nonlinear PDEs

Erik Lindgren, eriklin@kth.se
Erik Wahlén, ewahlen@maths.lth.se
Henrik Shahgholian, henriksh@math.kth.se

Tue., Wed. and Thu.

4. SPDEs: From Theory to Simulation

David Cohen, david.cohen@umu.se
Annika Lang, annika.lang@chalmers.se
Lluís Quer-Sardanyons, quer@mat.uab.cat

5. Numerical Semigroups and Applications

Klara Stokes, klara.stokes@his.se
Pedro A Garcia Sanchez, pedro@ugr.es
Maria Bras-Amoros, maria.bras@urv.cat

Tue., Wed. and Thu.

6. Numbers in Number Theory

Joan C Lario, joanclario@gmail.com
Klara Stokes, klara.stokes@his.se

Tue., Wed. and Thu.

7. Loci of Riemann and Klein Surfaces with Automorphisms

Javier Cirre, jcirre@mat.uned.es
Antonio F Costa, acosta@mat.uned.es
Milagros Izquierdo

Tue., Wed. and Thu.
8. Time-Frequency Analysis and Pseudo-Differential Operators

Carmen Fernandez, Carmen.Fdez-Rosell@uv.es
Antonio Galbis Verdú, Antonio.Galbis@uv.es
Joakim Toft, joachim.toft@lnu.se

Tue., Wed. and Thu.
9. Graphs, Hypergraphs and Set Systems

Victor Falgas-Ravry, victor.falgas-ravry@umu.se
Lars-Daniel Öhman, lars-daniel.ohman@umu.se

Tue., Wed. and Thu.
10. Non-Commutative Algebras

Seidon Alsaody, alsaody@math.univ-lyon1.fr
Alberto Elduque, elduque@unizar.es

Tue., Wed. and Thu.
11. Homotopy Theory

Tilam Bauer, tilmanb@kth.se
Natalia Castellana, natalia@mat.uab.cat

Tue., Wed. and Thu.

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